More Information on Compassionate Ministry Centers

As stated in our goals statements, a Compassionate Ministry Center [CMC] is a Nazarene designation for a church-sponsored non-profit organization created to provide a separate board structure and fundraising base from which to provide ministries of compassion (examples: food pantries, clothes closets, meal sites, drop in centers, volunteer services, educational programs).  The path for becoming a CMC involves a group (1) establishing a track record of reaching out into the community to meet human needs, (2) developing organizationally in such a way that entities within the community contribute in a meaningful way to operation, decision making, administration of the center, and (3) maintaining a close working relationship with the founding church organization.

From the beginning, one of River Run’s goals has been to  start and support a local Compassionate Ministry Center.  In September 2009, the District Superintendent for Maine authorized River Run to be officially recognized as a church seeking to establish a Compassionate Ministry Center [CMC].  We have been registered with the Nazarene Compassionate Ministry [NCM] USA/Canada Office since then.  NCM has established a network of well over 100 nonprofit CMCs and over 750 local congregations that are often referred to as Good Samaritan Churches.  These churches are committed to helping the poor and needy living within their communities.  It has been a priority of River Run, since our inception, to reach out to people in this way.

In addition to church related activities and functions, River Run has provided:

  1. emergency food, personal care kits, and financial support to human needs projects for individuals, children, and families in need at the local, national, and international level.
  2. recreational activities and school starter/activity kits for school-aged children in the local area. 

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